Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visions of Pemberley & Mr. Darcy

I have been busy this week, which has delayed my reading and, consequently my update of what I have read and done. This week I purchased my Brit-Rail pass; yippee less than three and a half weeks until I will be back in England so but for packing and exchanging a little bit of money to take with me that I am ready to go. This week also had the solemn nature yesterday of the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks; several of us at work were discussing where we were when we saw the planes fly into the Twin Towers, it was very reflective of how all our lives had changed since then (I saw it live on TV while I was eating my breakfast before heading off to University).
Regarding Miss Elizabeth Bennet she has seen her silly and dangerously flirtatious sister Lydia be allowed to go with Mrs. Foster to Brighton despite her pleas to her father to stop it. Elizabeth has also had the good fortune of accompanying her Aunt and Uncle as they tour Derbyshire. When I last left her she and her relations had just enjoyed a grand tour of the Pemberley mansion and were looking around the garden and grounds when Mr. Darcy himself, who was not expected until the next day, appeared and Elizabeth, still flustered with what he had gleaned about his true character from the maid, introduced him to her aunt and uncle. So now I will continue my readings and by nightfall I hope to see Darcy and Elizabeth as man and wife.

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