Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Darcys and the Binglys.,,, Enter Miss Woodhouse

Errands delayed my completion of reading Pride and Prejudice before the end of the weekend; however, I have completed it tonight. I became giddy, as I always do, when I reached those poignant parts of the novel: Bingly & Jane becoming engaged, Elizabeth's dressing down of Lady Catherine De Bourgh, Darcy's second proposal and the double wedding. I was happy to see that my affection for the novel has not changed but grows with each time I read it. Having read the novel as many times as I have one would assume that I would not wonder that the two couples find and pledge themselves to one another in the end but I do; I am always happy in the end that everything turns out as it should.
Having thus completed another thing off of my list for the Everything Austen Challenge I have already delved into Emma; off I go to read of the young matchmaker and see if she succeeds in obtaining her own match...

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  1. The point where Elizabeth gives Lady Catherine is my favourite part of the book. GO LIZ!