Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rosings Park and Lady Catherine De Bourgh

Last night I watched the making of and bonus DVD for the BBC Colin Firth version of Pride & Prejudice, alas I will have to wait until the weekend to have the 5 hours free in succession in which to watch the mini-series in its entirety ( I prefer to watch it straight from start to finish, its first airing on television was a trial for me since it only showed one episode a week over 6 weeks). Today I have spent my commute on the train continuing my read of Pride & Prejudice. Currently Miss Elizabeth Bennet has endured the introduction to, along with the pompous condescension and company of the Right, Honourable Lady Catherine De Bourgh of Rosings Park . Along with this my mind is drifting to my trip which is now as a write this (if one goes based on time as a countdown measure like myself) less than 30 days until I depart for Britain and Ireland I can hardly wait!!! Well off I go to watch the love, hidden between the banter, blossom between Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth.

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