Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pride & Prejudice

I started rereading it this morning and, as of 2 hours ago, am now a 3rd of the way through my second novel for the Everything Austen Challenge; Pride and Prejudice, which just happens also to be my favourite novel. Mr. Collins is just as slimy as ever and George Wickham has yet to be proven to be the biggest jerk in the British Militia. Darcy is haughty as ever trying to dissuade himself from coming under the influence and falling deeper in love with Miss Elizabeth Bennet as behooves his position. Every time I read it when Wickham gives that account to Elizabeth I have to remember that she does not yet know of his true character and dealings with Darcy because I always want to contradict him and his tall tale.
I will take a little break from Pride & Prejudice to sort through and ready my travel things as I have but four and a half weeks before my holiday in Britain & Ireland begins.

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