Sunday, August 23, 2009

Planes and Lost , and Jane

I "celebrated" my booking of my flight portion of my trip by watching the rest of Lost in Austen [another thing completed on my Everything Austen List], I love the scene where Amanda has Darcy go into the pool just to have her postmodern moment. Then after I poked around looking at the hotels available in the Hampshire area I retired for the night; I turned on the TV and was flipping through the channels and found that Becoming Jane was starting so I flipped to it and watched it. While I liked it I thought there were parts of it that were a little far-fetched, like people speaking lines directly from Austen's books [this does not include the voice-overs of Jane talking as she writes]. Watching the film it is interesting to remember that Jane herself, not even having the benefit of the typewriter let alone a word processor or computer things that we take for granted. I must admit I would love to have a script as elegant as hers and those of her era, mine looks like I should be a Dr. of medicine half the time. I am a little bit sleep deprived as the film didn't end until 2:30 AM this morning but I can always go to sleep early today so it is all good.

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