Thursday, August 6, 2009

Everything Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged, by those who know me, that when I read about something Jane Austen it piques my interest. It is for that reason that I have taken on the challenge of Everything Austen. I am not going to let my late start deter me from rising to the challenge, I have decided that I will rise to the challenge by reading the following books and watching the following films:

Sense & Sensibility
Pride & Prejudice
Bridget Jones' Diary
Jane Austen's guide to dating
Northanger Abbey

BBC Pride & Prejudice [Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle]
Bridget Jones' diary
Sense & Sensibility
Pride & Prejudice [Keira Knightley & Matthew MacFadyen]
Lost in Austen
Mansfield Park

So wish me well and now off to continue Sense & Sensibility.

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