Saturday, October 3, 2009

Emma, Mrs. Elton and take off in 4 days.

Between work and the excitement encountered in putting the finishing details on my holiday I have been less attentive to my Everything Austen project than I wish to be. With the exception of last night I have only been able to spare the time to read Emma on my commutes to and from work so hence I am still plodding along; while I am obviously not finished I am delighted that I have just under 1/3 of the book left unread.

I have just left Emma who has had to endure the new Mrs. Elton at her dinner party where the woman ignored Jane Fairfax's pleas to do nothing about procuring a governess placement as of yet. Emma's displeasure with the way in which Mrs. Elton conducts herself and interacts with Emma's friends and family is growing with every encounter.

As one can see the countdown clock is into single digits now which means this time next week I will be in England [at the time I am writing this blog it will Bath to be exact] hurrah!!

Well I must make haste since I still have tons of stuff left to accomplish [including ensuring that I finish Emma and watch the Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehlee Pride & Prejudice) before I can be seated comfortably while my flight taxis down the runway. too.

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