Friday, October 30, 2009

Finishing Emma and Delving into Northanger Abbey

As I mentioned in my previous post I have finished Emma and saw that she married Mr. Knightly which, of course, I knew she would. Emma always irks me initially when I start reading it with Emma's notion that she could never speak to or associate with anybody who was not of her standing; hence, her insistence that Harriett not accept the proposal of Mr. Martin. In the end of course Harriett ends up with her beloved Mr. Martin and Emma realises that the person that she was so adamant would never marry, like herself, ends up being the one that she does; alas, lest they never have an heir her poor nephew will lose out on his presumed inheritance. I had brought Northanger Abbey with me on my holiday but never had a moment free to actually read it. I have made up for my lost time and am now about half way through it and Catherine Morland has discovered her brother's intention to marry Isabella and he has just left to obtain their parent's consent.

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